This is where I collect the nice things that nice people have said about working with me.

“Ready to get it done? Sign up for this course. I’m so glad I took Brooke’s workshop to force myself to get some writing done that I had been wanting to do for months. If you’re a beginner this will give you a kick start to get writing. If you already write a lot it may be what you need to flesh out the thoughts you’ve had swirling around but not put down to paper.”

~Amanda, marocmama.com


“Loved it! This workshop was what I needed to make me focus more on writing and also realize that I did have things to say that people would want to read. Brooke was a focused, patient and supportive facilitator/teacher who gave us enough information to find our way and if we appeared lost she was there to give more support. It was also a diverse group and allowed me not to worry about writing for only one audience of people. The fact that it was online was great as it was flexible but if you register for the next workshop, go in knowing it will be a challenging, hardworking yet wonderful transformation!”

~Angela Franklin, Director of Chez Alpha Books


“My first encounter with Brooke Benoit was when the Islamic advisor for SISTERS tore up an article I had written. Brooke asked me to rewrite it, but after staring at the screen for a couple of days, I couldn’t find a way to stay true to my own voice while addressing the issues brought up by the advisor. When I voiced my reservations to Brooke, what I expected was that she would write back and tell me if I was unable to fix the piece, then it would be scrapped. I was quite confident that would be her response; after all, her priority as the editor had to be that she keep the pace of articles flowing to meet deadlines, and surely advising individual writers would only set her back. I understood completely and was fully expecting her to give me a quick, ‘better luck next time.’ But Brooke didn’t do that at all. Instead, she took the time to more fully explain the advisor’s criticisms, his reservations, and even gave me ideas as to how to work the article so that I could stay true to myself while addressing the points the advisor had made. With Brooke as my coach, I was able to revise an otherwise dead article and send it back to her within just days. It was my first experience with her, and with it, I knew that I had found a mentor.

Brooke has since helped me with various issues regarding the publishing of my debut novel as well as acted as an invaluable beta reader for my second book. Her encouragement and sincere direction are valuable tools she so generously shares with her writers and clients. Brooke is a professional editor who provides guidance and encouragement while maintaining the human connection. I have no doubt that her students will benefit greatly from her instruction and I look forward to taking her class in the future.”

~ Hend Hegazi, Author of Normal Calm


“Brooke Benoit is very resourceful. If you’re serious about writing and you want a different angle of opinion or perspective on your work, do not hesitate to hire her! She’s got talent masha’Allah!”

~ P.Feauxzar, Author and Publisher at Djarabi Kitabs


“Brooke Benoit is a beta reader for everything I write for publication. Her editing eye is fantastic and she is familiar with cultural language patterns so she knows when something is clunky versus patois being used correctly. She also asks great questions that push me to write more clearly or to fill in things to make a story, poem or essay better. She is not a heavy-handed editor and really respects and honors the voice of the writer, but she does give important advice and catch all the spelling, grammar, sentence structure and other errors. “

~ Aaminah Shakur, Artist, Art Historian, Doula, Healer, Poet, Force of Nature


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